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Programs & Policy Creation

MentalState.Co will assist your organization to develop effective policies and programs to cater to your needs. We document foundational processes that are needed reference points for planning and growth as well as a handy roadmap for new employees to follow as the company grows.

We are skilled at understanding workplace dynamics and the related factors that impact the effectiveness of an organization. We are therefore equipped to create a variety of engaging programs and develop policies that assist in cultivating cohesive, empathic work cultures. Below are examples of some of the programs and policies we have created in the past: 

Programs & Policies

  • Process Documentation

  • Diversity & Inclusion Programs

  • Mental Health Policies 

  • Workplace Wellness initiatives

  • Workplace Culture policies & programs

  • Organizational Effectiveness initiatives

  • Employee Engagement Tools

  • Talent Development Programs

Facilitation and program Implementation.

Once your programs and polices have been created, we work closely together with you to activate and maintain engagement with the programs that would have been created. Depending on the policy or program needs, we facilitate and implement changes within the organization that assist in supportive transitions for change. 

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