Programs & Policy Creation

MentalState.Co will assist your organization to develop effective policies and programs to cater to your needs. Creating programs and policies for your workforce will demonstrate your organisations commitment to its employees well being and productivity. To do this we start by doing a needs analysis of your workplace and collaborate with you on beginning our procedures below:


Needs Analysis



Through demographics analysis and the data related to their usage of provided organisational benefits programs.

Conversations with employees conducted in groups or individually to ascertain employees needs.

A culture analysis will be used to gauge the tenor of the organisations ethos.



These are based on industry research, best practises for your organisational structure and the needs identified in your assessment.



A step by step guide will be provided to implement the recommendations. Our use of analytical tools will be the base measuring point to gauge your organisations progress. 



As organisations change, so will their needs. MentalState.Co provides the support necessary as organisations go through the implementation steps for the overall benefit of the organisation and its employees.

MentalState.Co is skilled at understanding workplace dynamics and the related factors that impact the effectiveness of an organization. We are therefore equipped to create a variety of engaging programs and develop policies that assist in cultivating cohesive, empathic work cultures. Below are examples of some of the programs and policies we have created in the past:

Programs & Policies

  • Diversity & Inclusion Programs

  • Mental Health Policies 

  • Workplace Wellness initiatives

  • Workplace Culture policies & programs

  • Organizational Effectiveness initiatives

  • Employee Engagement Tools

  • Talent Development Programs

Facilitation and program Implementation.

Once your programs and polices have been created, we work closely together with you to activate and maintain engagement with the programs that would have been created. Depending on the policy or program needs we facilitate programs and implement changes within the organization that assist in supportive transitions for change.