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People & Culture

We nurture the very important relationship of a business to its customer through an empathetic understanding of the customers needs, proactive solution provision and service that articulates the values of the company succinctly. Our account management and customer success support is delivered with excellence and true connection to the customer base.

Account Management and Customer Success

Organizational effectiveness & Employee Engagement

Creating Human Resources partnerships, alliances with all stakeholders, and consulting for greater performance and effectiveness in organizations is incredibly important and fulfilling for us. It has allowed us to formulate learning and development programs to support talent and increase employee engagement, along with community programs that organisations can participate in. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to keep businesses relevant and to alleviate risk through the acknowledgement of the variety of factors that make up the biggest resource of an organization - the people. We encourage investing in understanding the nuances of the work environment and the systems and behaviours that make it so, thus allowing people to enter the workplace as their most authentic selves.

Workplace Culture

Our dynamic people and culture operations are delivered on the basis of empathy and creativity to nurture an engaged and effective workforce. We provide culture roadmaps that set out the values and goals of an organization and their furtherance through it's entire workforce.


MentalState.Co grew out of a need to support and foster healthy workspaces. This is the core of any people strategy and we provide organizations with the tools to keep the workforce growing in innovation and creativity through the support of a robust wellness structure.

Talent Solutions

Full cycle talent solutions for business needs. Including the documentation and training needed to establish healthy company growth.

Our main focus is on providing Human Capital solutions for Start-Ups. Our people and culture operations work from the perspective of empathy and creativity to cultivate talent and mould effective and engaged workforces. This is done through various methods, as we customize our approach to suit the spectrum of a company's needs. Call us for a consultation to see if we are a good fit together to help your specific needs.

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