About MentalState.Co

MentalState.Co is a company that provides an empathetic, creative and dynamic approach to all people and culture operations, specializing in customizing our tools to the unique diversity of people and organisations.


Our team of experts is dedicated to:

  • building creative programs that encourage employee engagement, healthy relationships and a strong and resilient workforce;

  • the use of data to optimize organizational effectiveness and the creation of digital tools for critical predictive behaviour analysis;

  • advocate for the eradication of mental health stigmas and the acceptance of bringing the whole self to the workplace.

MentalState.Co comprises of a tight knit team of experienced people operations professionals, mental health and well being consultants and savvy techies that represent a variety of backgrounds, cultures and skills. We embrace diversity in a serious way! And our team is bonded together over the emotional wins and losses experienced in our personal and professional lives and more importantly, on the ping pong table. Our products are built upon decades of experience, creativity, laughter and much feedback from our clients. We always strive to support people with enthusiam as they, like us, navigate this life.