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We are on a mission to build strong & healthy Startups using creative ways to grow and manage their new business. 


Startups have the biggest opportunity to innovate in the ways they manage their teams and their customers. But after working for many Startups, we (the founders) discovered that not much was new, it was more the business of copying templates from corporate structures and pasting them into new environments, OR it was some haphazard attempt at fun times for everybody without much alignment or strategy for the people and their future growth within the company.


So we went on a mission to help startups fulfil their mandates in a unique way. And because we are a 'People first' company our focus honed in on employee engagement and organizational effectiveness, only to find ourselves training customer facing teams and creating advocates out of their clients. Where we can, we always help - and this has lead us to using our expertise and creativity in many other areas of operations, project management and design. We became generalists for Startups. We are now the voice for their customer base and provide avenues to excellence in product and service delivery for companies.


 We now are happily assisting startups to create and maintain People-first workplaces that put the health and growth of the organization as a priority - it is our passion. Our nuanced and empathetic approach to startups ensures the overall performance of the company is optimized and set up for success.


Accounts & People Management

Customer Success and Account Management are the pinnacles of an organizations service structure. We ensure a high level of empathic service and provide excellence that establishes organizations with a premium customer service brand. We also revive environments that are struggling or need a productivity boost, while reducing churn and providing customer retention & long lasting human capital solutions. We are passionate about creating relationships and are always building on them.

Operations & Project Management

Our organizational supports come through understanding that everyone is unique as are their methods of approaching the challenges they face in the workplace. We provide operations support for leadership, administration, talent fulfilment, process documentation, as well as design and marketing. Being supported helps startups and small businesses have the peace of mind to know that they can focus on other tasks while we care for their internal operations.

Design & programs creation

We set up businesses for planned success through creating branded content that is consistent in newsletters as well as in social media. Our video profiles for teams and individuals along with the creation of employee handbooks, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and Employee engagement toolkits provide blueprints for intentional company cultures and growth. Providing iterations on all product management endeavours is another way we help in solidifying excellence and delivering successful results. 

Better teams don't just materialize, its intentional. Look at some of the resources we have to help you get to the growth you envision.
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